First real applications


Process automation in a retail park facility

Running a facility department in different locations can be a challenge especially if you do it remotely without having your own eyes and ears on site all the time. And then, receiving complaints from your tenants regarding a water leakage, not functioning ventilation, or some more serious defects, does not add to your business efficiency and to your mind being at rest. 

Needless to say, there are myriads of systemic solutions to this on the market, better or worse, each of them offering essentially one way of dealing with the problem. And just in case you start using them and then you want to change something on the way, you'll find yourself trapped in having to do a significant and costly systemic restructure or reduce your desires to the existing solution. 

Why Constream for facility?

The foundation of successful facility management is setting up processes running on a daily, weekly, monthly quarterly, yearly basis and making your staff follow them well. However, the processes may be quite complex and many, and your staff coming and going, forgetting, neglecting... What Constream really offers you in this are two core values:

  1. Structure, interlink, and operate all your processes regardless of how many or how complex they are. And every time something changes, you change the settings accordingly by just a couple of clicks. So the first value is having ALL THE ACTIVITIES CAPTURED, DOCUMENTED & UNDER CONTROL AT ALL TIMES.
  2. Each participant including yourself will have a simple, easy to operate app available on PC, Tablet, Mobile with exactly the features he/she needs based on his/her actual role, corporate affiliation, and level. So the second value is having HIGHLY CUSTOMISED GUI with access to all peripheries such as media, speech-to-text, IOT, etc.

We will come back with reports, feedbacks, and testimonials of how it has worked out.