Workflow tool near completion


Workflow designer at the snap of your fingers

Have you seen the TV series Westworld? If yes, you might have remembered the scene of real-time controlling the actions of robots with a flow chart that consists of revolving sequences of options. Each selected option determines the next selection range. If you design workflow with many variables, this way is far more effective than traditional UML and gives you a way better command of your processes at any time. 

Our workflow operates exactly this way and offers the following features:

  • User-driven, automated, or mixed 
  • Work object, roles, rules, resources, time, routing
  • Unlimited number of work objects per workflow
  • Unlimited number of workflows per work object
  • Unlimited levels of sub-workflows
  • Time-scheduled instancies incl. frequencies
  • Real-time notifications
  • Real-time data propagations
  • Unlimited linkage possibilities
  • Customised GUI

Features yet to be developed:

  • Multivariate interdependencies
  • Advanced process control