Being in the right place at the right time


Everytime, we find out there is a system working on the same or similar principle as Constream, or generating the same or similar outcomes, we change the number below

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Our Approach

How to find & reach customers

There are two groups of customers in our market:

  • End users - those who are going to use or benefit from using the Constream products/apps
  • Partners - those who are going to use Constream to create the end products/apps for the end users

In order to create apps useful for a specific target market, two types of expertise are needed:

  • Knowledge of working with Constream as a tool kit - what components and tools are available and how to compose them to make useful apps
  • Knowledge of the application areas - what specific requirements, conditions, and challenges there are and what purposes the apps should serve to be useful

These practical lines are decisive for our market approaches. We are going to provide Constream and the knowledge of working with it. Our partners will contribute the industry-specific knowledge within the application areas. Together we produce apps for the end users.

  • Our end users are SMEs in nearly any industries
  • Our partners are consulting, engineering, and project management companies