Our Services

Associated with Constream and other products

Softwarte Development

We have successfully accomplished various web-based products including mobile apps since 2010. The ever-increasing demands of our customers for flexibility, diversity, and compatibility initiated the idea of Constream over a year ago. We are now in the proof-of-concept stage and preparing first real market applications with our existing customers.

SaaS Provision & Support

Our services 24/7 includes:

  • Technical support
  • System admin & support 
  • User admin & support
  • Billing
  • Operations
  • Monitoring
  • Granting access
  • Configuration
  • Security
  • User interface
  • Loading data
  • Adding or removing services
  • User skill development

Business Process Engineering

Using our products & services, we often do a full-scale analysis of our customers' environments in order to establish clarity of understanding of what the challenges are and how we could tackle them. Such analysis may include: 

  • The layout of existing processes
  • Process reengineering proposals
  • Personal responsibility matrix
  • Added value maps
  • Executive plans
  • Budgets 

We then assist our customers with gaining the highest possible values out of all agreed upon and implemented changes and modifications, including any related user skill development and staff training.

Project Management

Successfully accomplished over 30 projects Europe-wide mostly in construction, software, and new technology development. Our people are multi-skilled and certified experts in engineering, software, real estate development, and ICT.